Why I like Twitter #3

So Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is gonna be receiving a statue on Star Plaza in front of the Staples Center next to Magic Johnson, “the Great One” Wayne Gretzy, Oscar De La Hoya, Jerry West and Chick Hearn.


No disrespect to the Captain and all, but didn’t he ask for his own statue last year on Twitter?

Again, to the conservative Laker fans reading this, I said NO DISRESPECT. Oh, and here’s the definition of Caveat for those who used to cut English class during summer school at UCLA (Kareem’s alma matter).

caveat  (ˈkeɪvɪˌæt, ˈkæv-)
— n
1. law  a formal notice requesting the court or officer to refrainfrom taking some specified action without giving prior notice tothe person lodging the caveat
2. a warning; caution


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