My Headshot Portrait taken by JoshuaLovesLife Photography




Already in the midpoint of 2012. I haven’t been on WordPress in six months. The last time I posted on here, Lamar Odom just left LA to join the Dallas Mavericks. Now, he just left the Dallas Mavericks to return to the Los Angeles. Not to play for the Lakers, but for the Clippers, the team that drafted him back in the late 90’s. So it felt like these six months of him in the Mavs never happened. Great to have him (and his wife) back to LA again. 

By the way, thanks to JoshuaLovesLife for taking this portrait of myself at the Five Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles last November. I needed an updated portrait of myself to use on my websites instead of my old headshots from the years past. I’ll try to be on here alot more now as I wrestle with my other webpages. Speaking of which, here’s some of them.

instagram: justforsneaks07



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