Nike Air Mag “Back For The Future” event at the Montablan Theater in Hollywood

When the news about the Nikes that Marty McFly wore on Back To The Future: Part II was gonna be available to the public, I was originally gonna have this post containing these photos.


But apparently, I managed to get admitted to an invite-only event at the Montablan theater last Friday showcasing the sneakers that are being auctioned off to support Michael J. Fox’s awareness and foundation for Parkinson’s Disease, which the actor currently is diagnosed with.  I’d give you details about the event, but I’ll let the photos I took of event describe the experience.


Some serious shit.



Flux capacitor…..fluxin’.




The OG Air Mag from 1989 that was used in the film.



a portable television studio.




It’s always morning in America here, even in the afternoon.




the Nike Bruins that Michael J. Fox wore in the Trilogy. Honestly, that shoe has started my whole entire infatuation with Nikes and sneakers in general when I first watched this film back in 4th grade.  There not mine, but good luck finding these.



I really want that board.



Best movie poster artwork I’ve ever seen.



Free pizza, hydrated at level 4.



Interesting house band playing the songs from the film.



Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader showcasing the Nike Air Mags.




E! News’ Jason Kennedy and the dude that played Goldie Wilson from part 1. I like the sound of that.



Nike Air Mag swag.






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