Randall Mario Poffo, 1952-2011

The Macho Man got killed today. Yes, that’s his legal name on the title, and yes, I took this photo.

This was taken at the red carpet premiere for the Disney movie Bolt back in 2008. I was a freelance paparazzi during that time. Randy Savage just turned 56 two days before this event. I met and photographed a lot of well known famous people that night such as John Travolta,  Mr T., Buzz Aldrin, Miley Cyrus (that was my second time seeing her, ran into her at The Grove two months earlier) and a bunch of other Z-rated actors.

Shit, I almost got filed a lawsuit that night cause my external flash on my camera that I was using, which was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30, slipped off and the bottom metal latch of the flashgun, to attach on the hotshoe, landed on the top of the head of this photographer who was in front of me during the red carpet event, and he was bald! I was scared shitless when that happened, thinking that blood will come out from his head, but knowing how extremely self centered and liberal-minded these types of photographers are on the red carpet, the guy said that I don’t have to worry about it. He was not upset at all and no blood or scratch let a mark on his skin.

After that, I stopped doing red carpet events. But I remember seeing Randy Savage everywhere in the media back in the day. He’s really full of character and his personality has always kept most non pro-wrestling fans entertained.

I don’t watch professional wrestling that much anymore, but I was very fortunate enough to meet the so called “Macho Man” in person despite all the controversial headlines and conflicts that he went through after he retired from his profession. If I never met him or attended this event, then I wouldn’t be writing this long ass piece, even though I just mostly upload random photos on here.

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