Laker Games aren’t free after 2012

Well obviously, they’ve never been free. What I meant was that the over the air games on KCAL 9 here in Los Angeles and the telecast on Fox Sports Net are gonna be ceased after the 2012-13 season and all Lakers games, both home and away will be exclusive to Time Warner Cable’s new sports network that is devoted to nothing but Lakers content.

I wrote on my Facebook page last week that Lakers owner Jerry Buss sold out on his own network that he created by giving a major “Top 10 in the  Fortune 500” company the exclusive rights to air Lakers home games. Originally, viewers in Los Angeles would watch the Lakers on Channel 9 whenever they would play a road game and that on rare occasions, a home game would be nationally televised on Sundays or whenever they would reach the playoffs, which was common and frequent in the 1980’s.

Then in 1985, Jerry Buss created Prime Ticket, which later became Fox Sports and then Prime Ticket again on Fox Sports 2, on cable television, so that viewers can watch home games without having to drive all the way to the Forum in Inglewood and to pay for costly tickets to watch the Lakers in person. At that time, not everybody had cable, but then later, pay-tv got more affordable and accessible in LA.

I have Time Warner at my pop’s house and my place in Sylmar, so I’m pretty much set. Also, there are those in the San Fernando Valley and the rest of Los Angeles who either have satellite, another cable provider, or hell, no cable TV at all. So after 2012, it’ll be like pre-1985 again, except that for those without Time Warner Cable will get a glimpse of the Lakers on National Television whenever they have a Sunday game on ABC or whenever they reach the playoffs and finals, which will air on ABC.

I know, its a site where I post photos and not that many words, or no words at all. But I live here in LA my entire life and this is a major deal  (pun intended) since the Lakers have a crazy fan base. Then again, like I always say, sports is a business and its all about the money.

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