The Spinoff

Welcome to my other blog site. Keep in mind  that I’ve been doing blogs since 2006, so I’m more of a veteran instead of a rookie newcomer or an idea stealer to the world of online publishing.

This is divided spinoff from my old blogsite and my new website that I just launched. On my website, my blog there is mostly consisted of words and long ass paragraphs.  So I decided to make a seperate blog just for photos that relate to the current events that are taking place in the world and some photos that I took, which will have the JustForSneaks Ent. watermark on it.

I should’ve done this on Google’s Blogspot, but I made a vow that I would retire from posting there. I don’t wanna make a comeback on that site like Brett Favre, Allen Iverson and Jay-Z when he said that The Black Album would be his last back in 2003, yet he released Kindom Come three years later and went on from there. Then I though of starting a Tumblr, but to me, it looks like its geared towards the younger high school crowd, which makes me feel out of place. Therefore, I’m left with going to WordPress for this.

On this site, is mostly gonna consist of nothing but photos. There will be no long paragraphs or any lengthy words with the exception of some short one-liners and captions that relates to the photo. If you’re looking for my thoughts in words, then go check out my website. This is different right here and this post will be the only time where you will read this many words.  I’ll try to make this as interesting everyday so that this site will keep you entertained, and like the saying goes, you can’t please everyone but do what you feel that’s good to you.

David Nwachuku

Photographer-JustForSneaks Ent.

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